Maintenance of Garuda desktop environments

So this topic is about
How many de should we do…
Currently I’m thinking of adding

Wayland editions.

  • Enlightment

  • Wayfire

  • Sway

And if we should consider adding more.

The problem here is the frequency of keeping iso updated , currently we are not enough people.

We currently have following editions.

  • KDE - Currently our flagship.

  • I3 is completely up to @SGS.

  • Xfce we just updated the iso.

  • Lxqt-kwin.

  • Deepin is stalled until v20.

  • Gnome -still undecided on How to make it - with extension or without as every update gnome extension breaks.

If anyone wants to take the part in iso creation they are welcome.


Enlightment would be cool, though I wouldn’t know how to maintain the ISO myself :wink:


well it is easy once you get to know how to.
for ex.
following is a way to build iso’s

  1. install garuda-tools-iso-git
sudo pacman -S garuda-tools-iso-git
  1. git clone the iso-profiles
git clone
  1. build the iso using following command
buildiso -f -p kde

here -f means building full iso
with this option all packqages with >extra in packages-desktop will be added in iso

to build minimal iso remove -f it will ignore all packges with >extra in packages-desktop

-p kde
this is which profile to build
you can choose gnome,deepin.xfce etc

just incase you want to change the packages that are gonna get installed in system you can change
packages-desktop in the respective profile.


Or @halcek build his own IceWm for Garuda :slight_smile:

His wish on EnOS .
"I think IceWM would be a neat option to implement, and light enough too, since it’s just one package (although xdg_menu may be a good option to include too, since it seems quite easy to configure).

The docs are quite clear as well.

Out of the options already given though, I would vote for Enlightement.

Is it similar to i3wm???

And Deepin goes to @elloquin :smiley: :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s entirely worth it doing a whole new ISO spin of ICEWM for Garuda LInux. With Endeavour it’s different, because they just import the package into Calamares vanilla.

IceWM has no proper HDPI support. That’s a minus for high-resolution displays. For Garuda, I would consider Enlightenment WM a far superior choice.


Im using your new gnome edition, works really well. 99% of the stuff (theming aside) you put in there just fits my taste, thats great! Also really like the distro being based on arch.
Concerning the extensions, personally i wouldnt mind installing them myself, maybe just include chrome-gnome-shell + the firefox extension? manjaro also has this layout tool, idk if its easy to port but it makes the desktop very easily configurable. Planning to keep using this for the next time :hugs:
For the wayland editions, there was a wayfire edition once on the manjaro forums which i personally liked a lot.
Keep up the (very good) work!


now in repo
install with

sudo pacman -S firefox-extension-gnome-shell-integration

It depends on the size :slight_smile:

On average I estimate between 20 and 40 minutes.


(-) gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel (Bottom bar STYLE)
(-) gnome-shell-extension-unite (Unity STYLE, dependencies: “xorg-xprop”)
(-) gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell (By System76, i3 STYLE tile on Gnome!)
(*) gnome-shell-extension-appindicator (By Ubuntu, systray)

I think these are extensions that should be present on Gnome. Some of them are “important” while others are for “flexibility” (STYLE).
I think we would install a given extension, especially to build a complete Linux distribution, given its:

So, installing pop-shell for example might not be the right choice because it is too early … still as it is in active developpement, it could be added but DISABLED (-) like the majority of the extensions i listed here.

One last thing, I was just wondering, would you consider these packages? @dr460nf1r3


If I saw

I thougt about bad promotion/illegal publicity for

Looks like you two could form a maintainer - team for GNOME. :slight_smile:


Actually i plan to include those 2 + some more things such as oom killer etc which @librewish included in the isos. As for other included things, id like to keep it slim. Another topic - gnome extensions: as librewish pointed out already, gnome is quite ■■■■ without. Actually I always download them via the gnome extension for firefox, never had real problems doing this.

Just fyi im actually not at home for 1-2 weeks so i dont know when im done with it.


added to repo

so far we have these in repo


What exactly causes the extensions to break?

gnome updates
gnome devlopers always want gnome without extensions so they deliberately make extensions break

That wasn’t my intention xD
I was just excited about i3 tiling gaining some love from companies… Which means more likely being maintained and not “abandoned”.

I still think Gnome is tricky on arch based distros though. Besides, i am using Kde for my desktop & Lxqt-kwin for my laptop.

A special thanks for the Lxqt-kwin DE which make my life easier with kwin scripts working in my Desktop+Laptop.


Nice to have another lover of i3wm here, I thought I was alone.

What is your nickname referring to?
On the antichrist from rosemary’s baby? :wink:
Thought about creating an avatar for you but don’t know your preferences :slight_smile:

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Please don’t i might be offended xD
Well, thanks anyway. Really :slight_smile:
I need you to have more focus on our beloved “Garuda”. :wink:

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This is the first time in my life that someone does not want an avatar from me :frowning:

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