GNOME | lite | 200530 (prerelease)

Look i’m really for minimal One of Manjaros great flaws is their is to much that can go wrong with the install ISO way to many apps doing the very same things to maintain. Like do you really need pacman, pacmac, yay, snap, flatpack bauth or whatever on a install,
The only 2 that are stable for more than a few weeks at a time are pacman, and yay, the rest including pamac is just barely beta nothing more. tkpacman may be ugly but never fails does one job simple design.
Extensions you have to many you are maintaining blaa blaa, that is just my view a a user that does not fear upgrades, updates even updating Gnome goes with out a hitch And my daily Arch gnome driver does every thing i need to do for any task from office, to film editing to music to photo editing on a daily basis using Arch
As a Arch user minimal is the best for maintainers


Looks great! Also, I do appreciate that it’s not overloaded with too many apps.

After running the live ISO for a bit, I have an issue that GNOME does not seem to support changing screen orientation in settings under Wayland yet (only Xorg).

My computer does boot into portrait mode, so I always need to change the desktop orientation into Landscape in the desktop environment settings.

So it may be a good idea to get GNOME to boot with XORG by default for now?

Here may be an idea on how to do that:


Xorg as default session was suggested already and i definitely want to include it however I have no clue how to automate the process yet, the way probably is via sed -i /etc/gdm/custom.conf :thinking:
But dont worry, im on it :smiley:

In the meantime, just run “sudo nano /etc/gdm/custom.conf” and remove the # in front of WaylandEnable=false and add DefaultSession=gnome-xorg.desktop in the next line.

For the next release there will be the following as well - Garudas Firefox settings now also provide privacy respecting defaults taken mostly from
I also included some more useful Firefox addons in the garuda-gnome-settings (LocalCDN, ClearURLs, Canvasblocker and Dark Reader Orange Firefox theme) which get installed at first login mostly automated, you just have to press yes. Since this is done via the browser you can chose whether to install or not, i recommend doing so though :slight_smile:

Edit: xorg default is done. :slight_smile:


Some more feedback from my perspective:

It is useful when cloning, or downloading lots of packages (for example for those of us who prefer to install yay, or yup)

Granted, it isn’t hard to do sudo pacman -S git, but so many things require it anyway, that it’d be nice to save that extra step.

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Upload on SFnet failed?
Only 402.4 MB ?

Total Downloads: 3 . And nobody protests :slight_smile:

I have 2,1 GiB (2.239.655.936) from gitlab DL 200530.

OK, I delete it @dr460nf1r3




lol. Attempted the upload yesterday but found out how to correctly apply some gnome settings that failed earlier so I stopped the upload as I want the first release to be as polished as possible. Didnt knew it kept partly uploads :thinking:

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You use something like rsync?
So if upload stop you can later continue at last point / % again.

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I used the command you sent in telegram to upload. Gotta delete the half uploaded iso to avoid confusion :thinking:
Since gnome settings build once a day only it’s hard to test the current state of the package on the iso…

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Not easy but nice DE :slight_smile:

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SFnet is a bit sluggish, if you have freshly deleted and load the changed file with the same name into the same folder, the data (old+new) is mixed. Thus corrupt and unusable.

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Thanks :smiley:

If the next gnome-settings built is satifying I will push the “1.0” to sourgeforge tomorrow :blush:

As for git package, pretty sure it’s included already but added it to the list nevertheless. @halcek

It is include in garuda-tools-iso-git (you have it :wink: ), so it must be “extra” in Packages-Desktop for the buildiso.
But I’m no programmer :wink: .

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from now it will build three times a day
morning sunset and at night.


That makes life easy :smiley: thanks!

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